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Jill has recently filmed a lovely cameo role as Jenny in LOVE EVENTUALLY, a feature film for British Muslim TV, due for cinema release next year.

Jill Greenacre: Showreel

Jill Greenacre: Bones in Dead End

Dead End, directed by Nicholas David Lean, and starring Wil Johnson and Jamie Foreman, will be available on DVD in the UK from February 18th ... A leisurely trip to the country becomes a fight for survival for a family as a convoy of old-world carnival-type travellers force them off the road, and involve them in a series of terrifying mind games in an abandoned roadside diner.
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Black Smoke Rising Trailer

You remember Linda from The Brittas Empire in the 90s ...

Jill Greenacre as Linda in The Brittas Empire. The Brittas Empire team.

... well, looks like she grew up.

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